About us

Jan ScowJan Scow has worked as a consulting arborist in Southern California since 1994, when he received a BA in Geography/ Environmental Studies from UCLA, and has been a Registered Consulting Arborist since 1999. Jan was a Director of the California Urban Forests Council for six years ending in 2005, a Director of the American Society of Consulting Arborists for four years ending in 2015 and is an active member of the California Native Plant Society, the California Oak Foundation, and the Sierra Club.

Since childhood, Jan has been involved in various aspects of horticulture. His background includes stints as a nurseryman, landscape contractor, maintenance gardener, tree trimmer, and irrigation specialist. Aside from a tour in the US Navy, Jan has been working with plants continuously since 1967. Jan brings experience from various aspects of the horticulture field to his arboricultural work.

Jan’s personal interests include archery, kayaking, backpacking, gardening, furniture making, and photography. He loves the outdoors and is fascinated by native plants and undisturbed natural landscapes.

Jan maintains an editorial blog titled Tree Tales.

Alison Lancaster has been a consulting arborist in Southern California since 2016. She has an AS in Wildland Resources and Forestry from Citrus College and a BA in Political Science from UC Irvine. She worked as an intern at City of Pasadena Urban Forestry where she helped organize the City’s street tree database, participated in a survey tracking the spread of invasive shot hole borer in the Arroyo, and met Jan. She is currently Chair of the Western Chapter ISA (WCISA) Women in Arboriculture Committee, Chair of the WCISA TREE Fund Committee, and 2019 recipient of the Young Professional Award from WCISA.

Alison has volunteered extensively at Theodore Payne Foundation where she worked in horticulture and the sales yard. Alison has prior experience working with decay detection devices such as the Arbotom and the Resistograph. Alison has also previously worked on: a survey of invasive shot hole borer in the Arroyo; Teacher’s Assistant for a plant identification class at Citrus College; aiding in the classification of a pine species (Pinus eldarica); invasive species removal at Bernard Field Station in Claremont; volunteer work in the US Forest Service.

Alison’s personal interests include tree and rock climbing, fishing (freshwater, catch-and-release only), plant identification, and bird and wildlife watching.